“The prince and the merman”, Fairy Tale.

Once upon a time there lived a prince named Damien who was a very handsome prince and studied at Stanford King college.

The director of the college was King Simone and he had a son called Edward, who liked to bother Damien. Damien didn’t like to be bothered but he had another problem, he felt different from others and didn’t know why. For instance, he had a girlfriend called Selene Lucille but he didn’t fall in love with her.

One day Damien was looking for some books inside his locker and Edward appeared.

— What are you doing silly prince? — asked Edward smiling.

— It’s none of your business Edward, leave me alone.

The contrary pushed him into the locker angry and went to the classroom. Time after Damien decided to go too as the day passed normally. Damien felt really sad for he visited the lake, a beautiful lake with crystalline water and a lot of flowers. He felt like if he were in a magical place since a lot of butterflies flew around him. It was his favorite place to be when he was sad. Although, that day felt different from any other day he had been there.

From the bottom of the lake appeared a bright light and a beautiful merman with skin as white as snow, hair as blue as the sky and eyes as violet as flowers appeared. This startled Damien at first but he calmed down after he saw how beautiful he was so they started talking.

— Who are you? — asked the prince.

— I-I’m Agape, it’s a pleasure to meet you Damien— the merman answered with a shy smile.

— How do you know my name?

— Well.. — the merman was panicking, the prince didn’t know he had been watching him every time he went to the lake.— I’ve heard you when you come, and the fairies told me who were you.

The prince then relaxed and both started talking, and by the time both fell in love. Since then, every night Damien went to the lake just to talk to Agape. Until one night, King Simone was with insomnia and decided to take a walk. 

The king saw a shadow walking in the woods and decided to follow it. Then, he saw Damien with the merman and saw something he shouldn’t have seen. A kiss between both of them.

The day after King Simone talked to his son about this.

— Edward, I cant believe this happened.

— What is it father? — his son asked while eating his breakfast.

— One of our bests students, Damien, I saw him kissing a merman — the King was worried.

— Oh really, how terrible… I hope no one else finds out…

Edward didn’t meant it, he WAS going to tell every single person at school. As soon as he entered the school he started gossiping about it until everyone knew.

When Damien entered school and everyone started laughing or making comments. He didn’t know why and he fell really bad, he was at the merge of tears. 

— Damien, we need to talk — said his girlfriend, Selene.

— What is it? Is there something wrong?

— Why didn’t you tell me you were gay? Were you using me for popularity or something? — the princess was furious.

— What? No, I mean… I never felt anything I was in pressure! Leave me alone Selene

— I’m not!

— Selene, our relationship is over by now so please… stop

The princess didn’t know what else to say and decided to leave him alone. Damien went to the rooftop of the castle and cried as much as he could.

This is when three little fairies: Rosa, Estrella and Lily, who were sent by Agape, saw this. They were worried and decided to go tell Agape. They flew as fast as they could until they had reached the lake where Agape was.

— Agape! Agape! — shouted the three fairies so the merman could hear them.

— What is it? — asked the contrary getting his head out of the water.

— Damien is in a lot of trouble! — said Estrella.

— Trouble? I don’t understand…

— It looks like someone found out about your secret, and his whole school knows about it! — replied Lily

— Oh no.. — the merman was worried.

In that moment the four of them made a plan and waited until the night fell upon them. The navy blue sky with silver stars appeared in a couple of hours and the brown haired prince decided to go to the lake, as usual. When he approached it Agape got out of the water as fast as he could.

— I heard what happened Damien — said the merman softly while looking at him.

— I’m ashamed of myself Agape, why is this happening to me?

— You shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself! — the three fairies suddenly appeared.

— But, why shouldn’t I? I’m not anything special… I’m just a weirdo.

— You’re not — Agape said firm.— You are the most special guy I’ve ever met, you are awesome te way you are. Other people should learn to respect others.

The prince smiled and so did the merman, they both grabbed each others hands and looked at each other.

— We are together in this.

Those were the last things the merman said to the prince before kissing him, the fairies closed their eyes smiling and laughing a little bit. An idea came to their minds in split of a second.

— Hey, hey! — said Rosa.

— What If you confront those guys? — asked Lily.

— Alongside Agape! — continued Estrella.

Both guys looked at each other confused, how was Agape going to be able to go with Damien? That’s when the fairies told them they could make a potion that would last long enough so Agape could go. Both Agape and Damien agreed and the fairies started working. As soon as they finished, they gave Agape the potion.

Agape was hesitant, but it was the only way he could help his loved one so he drank the potion. His beautiful emerald tail transformed into two fragile legs, once he turned into a “human” Damien covered him with his jacket and helped him walk. Both went to Damien’s castle undercover and stayed there until the next morning.

It was the day, the day in which Damien will start to confront his fears and fortunately he was not alone. With Agape by his side he felt that he could achieve anything he desired. Of course, he taught Agape how to walk before anything else happened. The college opened its doors and Damien appeared, everyone looked at him shocked to see him with someone else.

— Your little boyfriend appeared — said Edward angry.— Did you need someone to rescue the damsel in distress that you are?

— Edward please, I’m no damsel in distress and I’m here to make it clear

These words made Edward lost of words, he was blank and every single thing he wanted to say flew away. Everyone was looking and Damien and Agape, expecting something from them.

— My name is Damien and yes, I’m gay — he said smiling.— But even if I am, I don’t think you should be mistreating me the way you’ve been doing.

— Please, you’re just being strong in front of your fishy —the blonde replied.

— Edward, What you’re showing me is that you have really low love for yourself. Don’t you? —asked the brunette smiling.— Because, you’re the same as me.

— What do you mean Damien? Stop inventing stuff…

— He’s not inventing anything darling, you are lying — the merman smiled.— Just give up already.

He blonde prince was shocked, no one needed to know about his secret. Every single person at school looked at Edward and started gossiping.

— Edward, I had let you make fun of me because I was weak and to be honest.. I didn’t love myself. But now that I do, you’ll not make fun of me anymore — the brunette prince smiled.— But I won’t let anyone do the same to you, you’re still part of the school after all.

In that exact moment the King Simone appeared.

— What’s all of this? — he asked.

— Damien appeared with someone who apparently is his new boyfriend, and he’s saying your son is gay — said Selene trying to “help” even though she only wanted to cause problems.

The King saw the situation, his son was embarrassed and both Damien and the blue haired boy were defending the brunettes honor. He sighed and looked at them.

— Prince Damien of Winterland, I’m deeply sorry about what happened to you while being here — he coughed.— I hope you accept this apology.

— Sir, you have nothing to be sorry for since I was the only one that let people mistreat me like that.

The king granted the prince a smile and everyone else did too. Since then their lives went on normally and peacefully. Damien visited much more often Agape and the fairies and he also decided to ask for Agapes hand in marriage.

They both got married on Damien’s final days at college, with King Simone’s blessing and everyone accepting their love.

Damien finally understood what made him feel different, he was different and even with that… he loved and accepted himself as he was.

Since then both Agape and Damien lived a happily ever after.

The End 


Hi to everybody! We hope you enjoy our fairy tale . 

For not beating around the bush our story’s purpose is accepting others even though how they are and most importantly always accepting yourself.

Our story includes all of the fairy tale’s characters the fairy tales must have.

Like a prince , (Damien) , a Villian ( Edward) , a Princess (Selene) and a King (the Director)

Since this is a fairy tale of our own, we decided to include different characters such as a merman (Agape) that is gonna fall in love with our protagonist , the prince and some fairies to help both the prince and the merman.

We wanted to finish with the stereotype of homosexuals cannot have their own fairy tale. We infer you’ll like our tale, or at least we hope so haha.

We’ve overcome all of our trials and we are proud of our fairytale.

With Love , 

The authors , Lucía Flores, Montse Milchorena, María José Samaniego , Fernanda Serrano and Victoria Uzcanga.